Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hi to everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. My name is Marge Mills and I design jewelry. It started as a whim and has taken off into a business. I am still working at my old job as a colorist in a salon. My life stays busy and there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done on my list. I am also up to my ears in paperwork these days but I need to find enough time to add a few pieces of jewelry to my Etsy shop. I like to add a few every week or so to give it a little lift. I hope if you get the time you will pay it a visit and give me your opinion on my work. I always love to get feedback. Love the positive kind!hint. hint. No, seriously, if I ask for your opinion, I expect both the good stuff and the corrective critisism. I am new to blogging so be patient. I will try to write regular posts just to give you an idea of who I am and what I am about. This has been a quiet weekend for me and I have really enjoyed that. I love it when there is time to relax. I stay busy most of the time. I am a colorist during latter part of the week and have been in that profession for over 45 years. I started my jewelry design venture about 5 years ago after going to a home jewelry party. I looked at the products. I examined each closely. I looked at the prices they were charging. And after the shock wore off, I decided that it did not look that hard to do and I was going to tackle it rather than raise my credit card to it's max limit. From beading I went to wire wrapping and found my niche. I love forming the wire in some kind of design around the gemstones to hold it in place. Coming up with a new design each time that people make positive remarks about( see, me and the good stuff!) But then I came up with a technique called Free Form wire wrapping.( you will have to visit the shop to see it) I take wire and form in into a design adding gemstones as I go and it comes out in a beautiful piece that noone will ever have except the one who gets that piece. They are all made from ideas in my mind and I make them come to life. It is my passion now. I still love my wire wrapping and when I want to relax I will take my wire and gemstone and wire wrap. But if I want excitement, an adrenaline rush, I take my wire and Free Form. I do other forms of jewelry design also, like silver work. I take a leaf that is growing in our yard, or at work, one that intrigues me with its shape. I coat it in silver paste and fire it and voila we have a silver leaf. After polishing,it is amazing the shine that comes out in that little leaf. Add a Swarovski bail and a silver chain and it is a little masterpiece. I love to work with silver. I also do sculpted or molded silver pieces and add gemstones to them and after firing they are stunningly beautiful pieces. Then I discovered that if you took different chains, mixed them together and joined them in different ways and added a pendant, you could get some amazing pieces of jewelry. I love to mix the metal chains also for a different look entirely. And I came up with a multi chain necklace, earrings and bracelet that everyone wanted. My friend and neighbor suggested the idea, and it took off like wild fire. I still get people who want that design. You can see that I enjoy what I do. I have enjoyed coloring hair for many many years and now I have another passion in my life. At retirement in one career, I found another career waiting for me. So, along with wife and mother, grandmother, and sister, I have a new hat to wear......Jewelry Designer. I like the sound of it. I think it fits. I think I will keep it for awhile. Hope you will come see me on Etsy. I will be looking for all of you.
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